What gets measured,
Get managed

Discover the way I’ve built and scaled a $100M operation using data driven approach and measurement methodologies

Our process for building a growth machine

Build data measurements point and map all users, products, services and revenue streams

Create an proper operation that is based all of your mapped data points

Scale your business operations and have a data driven growth machine

We’re creating results driven data and growth operations for start up companies

Increase revenue by utilizing data

Learn how to build a scalable growth machine
Build and grow your user-base
Measure your customer value easily
Build a sustainable growth operation

About Me

Growth machine expert

I fell in love with data way before it was cool to talk about it.

Back in 2005, data was considered as a small niche somewhere between finance and IT.  

Data driven decision making was mistakenly believed as over-thinking or over-analysis

Deep inside I knew that the magic lay between the numbers.


My superpower is to look at existing numbers like revenue, number of website visitors, conversion rate and even server calls,  convert these into valuable business analysis and transform it into a technological and/or operational growth platform to accelerate business  performance at once.


Building a growth machine is not only about marketing spend. First and foremost it is about organizational culture and processes and interaction between product , marketing , UX , dev and BI.


This is my proven methodology for stratups’ growth for more than 15 year. 

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